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The CONQUISTA Manifesto.

And then, one day, I started up my own thing, professionally speaking.

Leaving a 20-year career in a global communications agency and Corporate America has not been an easy path. After many years of service to clients in the U.S. and Latin America and walking towards the same direction of creating and executing their strategic communication plans – not to mention the safe space of growing in a steady corporate job (with everything that it entails), everything ended unexpectedly. Somehow, in the end, it was all worth it.

I had identified many opportunities for the agency to evolve some time ago. As soon as I enrolled in an MBA program, I quickly spotted unexplored new business areas and options, including better assessments for our client's needs – beyond strategic communications. We had a great shot at leveraging those chances towards our business. Maybe it was my time to organize my ideas, take a leap of faith and build a different path focusing on a better and evolved client service.

As the world continued to change – triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was also eager to change. Franklin said that "change is the only constant in life. One's ability to adapt to those changes will determine their success in life." Likewise, the unexpected change in my professional career opened an opportunity to explore new paradigms and materialize an evolved offer, not only in communications but in business as a whole. And above all, to become a true ally of my clients, once and for all. The concept of CONQUISTA resulted from those ideas. After maturing and evolving those concepts, I stepped up to start my own company and base it on four basic principles, which today become our VALUES in the following MANIFESTO:

  • I was often asked to reject projects because of their available budget or the relevance of their strategic challenge. I believe that consulting services of any kind should not only be intended for certain types of companies or budget sizes. For CONQUISTA, ALL COMPANIES ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT, and the experience and guidance provided MUST BE AFFORDABLE AND FUNCTIONAL FOR ANY TYPES OF COMPANIES AND SIZES OF BUDGETS. NO MATTER WHO.

  • I was often asked to focus solely and exclusively on projects under our scope of knowledge, particularly on those where our executives could provide their expertise. And while the needs of some clients shifted as we counseled them, it was difficult (or nearly impossible) to adapt the signed contracts and respond to their needs. I believe that consulting firms that cannot adjust or respond to their clients' ever-changing requirements will hardly provide any strategic value. For CONQUISTA, OUR CONSULTING PLATFORM MUST BE FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE TO RESPOND TO THE BUSINESS EVOLUTION OF OUR CLIENTS. NO MATTER WHAT.

  • I was often asked to reach results based on the number of press clips, media interviews, or social media "likes." Did these help my clients' businesses? The reality is that no result is relevant if it is not aligned with their overall business objectives. I believe that results that do not move the needle up are worthless; I don't believe in consultancy comfort zones. For CONQUISTA, OUR VALUE WILL BE TO EXPLORE NEW PARADIGMS WHICH ALLOW US TO BUILD STRATEGIES IN A DYNAMIC AND MEANINGFUL PROCESS, ALWAYS ALIGNED TO OUR CLIENTS' BUSINESS. NO MATTER HOW.

  • I often saw sad and unmotivated colleagues lacking the enthusiasm to provide the best customer service. Unfortunately, I was even one of them! Nevertheless, I believe that a business consultancy must offer the best client experience, always within a framework of eagerness and self-drive (a good consultant leads by example). Therefore, for CONQUISTA, THE PASSION AND JOY TO PROVIDE MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES THROUGH CLIENT SERVICE WILL BE FUNDAMENTALLY PART OF OUR PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT.

As I began to undertake this journey, many friends and colleagues have expressed their words of wisdom and support in these first steps. I will not deny it: among all the excitement and enthusiasm to materialize a vision called CONQUISTA, I am fearful for the uncertainty of the road ahead. But at the same time, I believe in this manifesto and my goal to build a new path of supporting customers – no matter the size, budget, or geographic location. The world changes fast, and I truly believe it will belong to those who seize the moment.

Today, CONQUISTA is my answer to the world's evolution and the new reality it brings. We seek to walk alongside customers who need the most of their partners to transform their businesses. I'm ready. We are ready.

Today, this is our conquest.


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