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CONQUISTA's Second Anniversary

Rodrigo Castro, CEO

Miami, FL

Two years ago, Conquista embarked on a mission – you may say a crazy one. Why would I leave a long run in corporate America to start something new without a safety net?

I envisioned an opportunity to create a driving force of supporting companies traditionally neglected by the larger consultancy firms and agencies I worked with. The struggle of navigating the ever-changing business landscape – propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a challenge for thousands of small and medium businesses across the Americas. I envisioned Conquista becoming business allies with a flexible and scalable model, armed with valuable expertise from real business players and fueled by the unwavering belief that size doesn't define potential. Today, as we celebrate this milestone, we stand proudly alongside countless companies we've helped blossom, proving that significant results bloom from bold dreams and meticulous strategies.

The journey, like any worthwhile pursuit, wasn't without its challenges. There have been difficult times, even dark times. Indeed, starting your own company is never easy. Adapting the business to the evolving post-pandemic world required resilience and agility. Yet, it also presented exhilarating opportunities for growth and innovation. We embraced the shifting sands of global markets and leveraged our comprehensive understanding of the region's political, economic, and social nuances to build bridges of opportunity for our clients.

Our team, a vibrant tapestry of Latinos boasting over 20 years of collective experience, became the cornerstone of this success. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and local markets, they crafted tailor-made strategies for each client, ensuring mobility and expansion amidst dynamic landscapes.

But expertise alone isn't enough. At Conquista, we believe in collaboration in unlocking potential through a meticulously calibrated approach. We begin by immersing ourselves in our clients' challenges, analyzing their business models, and pinpointing strengths and opportunities. Through targeted discovery sessions and intensive analysis, we craft visionary strategies, prioritizing key issues for resolution and mobilizing our multidisciplinary experts to develop precise action plans.

This isn't just a formula; it's a dance, a partnership where we invest ourselves in our clients' objectives and dreams. We've witnessed struggling businesses blossom, confused strategies crystallize, and dreams transform into thriving realities. Because at Conquista, we don't just crunch numbers; we unlock potential.

Proof of our dedication lies in the 20% revenue growth we achieved in 2023, fueled by expanding clientele in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America and innovating our service offerings. But the numbers land short compared to the stories we've co-authored and the challenges we've conquered together. We've been catalysts for success across Corporate Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, and Communications, from streamlining operations to navigating complex financial landscapes. For us, a company is a system that is affected, for better or for worse, by the actions of any one area. Therefore, we cannot serve our clients in silos but as an actionable, improvable, and perfectible whole.

Looking ahead, we're fueled by the stories yet to be written and the impact yet to be made. We stand ready, a team brimming with passion and expertise, to conquer the next chapter alongside our clients. Because size may not define success, but together, we can write a saga of limitless possibilities.

This is Conquista's second anniversary, and we hope many more will come by empowering small businesses, one big idea at a time.

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